Last Name A-Z
Versluis, Uytttenbroek Ari, Ellie – Portraits
Studio Makkink & Bey 5 – Peacock Feather Duster
Studio Makkink & Bey 2 – Rubber Drawing
Studio Makkink & Bey – Stool
Studio Makkink & Bey 4 – Swivel Chair
Studio Makkink & Bey 3 – Vacuum Cleaner Stool
Pot Bertjan – Work Gloves
van Nuenen Jan
van der Hijden Timon
van Oerle-van Gorp Ria
Zwart Piet – Bruynzeel kitchen , 1938
Wiersma Claus – Ideeën uit Rotterdam
Wieki Somers Studio – High Tea Pot , 2003
Vollaard Tom – Fungi , 2016
van Vugt Lucas – Wolfstool, 2012
van Wagtendonk Iskander – Sausage Maker , 2013
Vogelzang Marije – Plant Bones, 2015
Verbruggen Nanne – Het Open Venster, 2014
van Tellingen Merel – Cleaning Beauties (voor Studio Makkink & Bey), 2008
Stemmann Ilse – Zijden beursje, 1920
Scholten-van de Rivière Désirée – Boom, 1964
Schotten Yke – Tail, 2006
s-Gravenmade Woody, 2016
Raaijmakers Joram – Watch Towers, 2014
Linscheer Danielle
van Nieuwenborg / Wegman / Wegman Industrial Design Consultancy Group Frans / Martijn
Keus Corine
Földényi Irma – Waterworks
van de Pavert Jan – Floating Doors, 2013
van Pelt Bas – Chrome and Leather Lounge Chair
Pfannes Eva – Of Soil and Water: King's Cross Pond Club, 2015
Oppewal Christiaan – Cleanroom Chair, 2006
Naoum Vissarion
Meindertsma Christien – PIG05049, 2007
van den Langenberg Jules, 2016
van der Hoek Dindi – Rat
Hutten Richard – Berlage Chair, 2004
Griffin Rachel
Gerasimova Anastasiia, 2015
Bruggeman Frank – Flower Shovel, 2013
Do Mat
Cubic 3 Design – Nachtschade, 1987
Christiaansen Krijn – Monument de Souvenir, 2010
Chuang Hsiang-Ching (Chester) – Iphone, 2011
de Bruijn Michou Nanon – Buiten Barth Club, 2016
Bohle Georg, 2010
van den Bergh Jan – Futura curtainfabric, 1955-1960
Beuk Anne – Hihahut, 2015
Bey Jurgen – Kokon Furniture , 1999
Arents Rogier – A Sequence of Operations, 2015
van der Ast Balthasar – Still Life of Flowers, Fruit, Shells, and Insects, 1629
Balch Sophie – Graphic Design (can sometimes be) A Boys Club, 2013
Bangert Pim – Fietsenwinkel Qicq, 2013
Alves Azevedo Rodrigo – Shaped: Dialogue Between Motion and Matter, 2015
Annema Marijke – Dear house,, 2012
Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken – Het rad van participatie , 2016

The project ‘Design Diorama: The Archive as a Utopic Environment’, on display at the London Design Biennale from the 7th until the 27th of September 2016 in Somerset House, is a three-dimensional blueprint of the personal salon of the Studio’s founders: Rianne Makkink & Jurgen Bey. This contemporary diorama -originally a picture viewing device through which is seen- is a replica of their archive at home. It consists of a space filled with blue foam copies of objects by former studio employees, freelancers and interns as well as products and artefacts from various other designers, artists and architects. Parallel to the physical and temporary diorama installation during the London Design Biennale, a digital and permanent online index is developed. The Dutch contribution to the biennale is commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.


The archive on this website is a digital index, a cloud of people gathered by Studio Makkink&Bey. Each of which tells its own story and represents the ideals and utopias of makers, thinkers and cultural figures that are related to their practice. This web archive is a junction of places, people and skills. It can be filtered by categories such as Topics, Disciplines and Generations as well as by Utopia Typologies, Topics and Words from Thomas More’s publication ‘Utopia’ from 1516. Click here for press images and press release

Curator & Exhibition Design:
Studio Makkink&Bey (Rianne Makkink, Jurgen Bey, Jules van den Langenberg, Marco van Stratum, Chester Chuang, Anastasiia Gerasimova, Joram Raaijmakers, Nine Marije Ligtenberg, Bauke Bruijns, Fier van den Berge, Daan Veerman)

Commissioner & Administering Body:
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Supporting Bodies:
London Design Biennale, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom; Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Graphic Design & Web Design:
Valentijn Goethals, Tomas Lootens & Arthur Haegeman

Thijs Wolzak