Last Name A-Z
Unknown – Ceiling Light
Apple – Computer
Koomen Martijn
Zengerink Lissa – Ego Defence Mechanism, 2011
ZIETA Prozessdesign – Plopp Stool, 2008
Zahareas Louisa – Screen Mutations, 2015
XML – White Store (Vitamin Store), 2014
Wright en Co. Firma J. – Gasheater , 1900
Wubben Daan – Channeled, 2015
Wanders Marcel – Zeppelin, 2012
Waal Henriette – Buitenbrouwerij, 2014
van Wagtendonk Iskander – Sausage Maker , 2013
de Visser Florian – Story Signs , 2015
Verhaer Nicolaes – Altar candle holder, 1724
Vermeersch Bruno – Madame Vermeersch, 2012
Verner Panthon – Table Lamp
Veentjer Iris
van der Velden Silvijn – Light Up, 2009
van Straatsburg Cornelis Johannes – Trekpotje, 1752
van Stratum Marco, 1996
van der Sluys Cornelis – Haagse School Bankje, 1930
Reutinger Anna – Weak Sleek Bodies, 2016
Posta Daniel – Cocoon
van Nieuwenborg / Wegman / Wegman Industrial Design Consultancy Group Frans / Martijn
Meissner Niels
Noenaart Piter
Phung Bastien – Chaise de Travail
van Pelt Bas – Chrome and Leather Lounge Chair
Osinga Dirk – Chair One, 2014
Nissan – Nissan Cube
Muñoz Lucas – Livingstone Family, 2014
van Munster Jan – IK
mischer’traxler – The Idea of a Tree, 2008
Mandersloot Frank – Bar, 1987
Lindeman Lotty – Tassenkast, 2008
van den Langenberg Jules, 2016
Kienholz Edward – Nativity, 1961
Körmeling John – Bridge Den Ophef, 2013
van der Kruijs Aliki – Tilia Patina, 2015
Job Studio – Tit Lamp, 2010
Jones Kieren – Community Commerce, 2010
JIJ’s – Unitilities, 2011
van Hoff Dick – Broom, 2015
Huckfeldt Caspar
Griffin Rachel
Halmans Frank – Debris
Geelen Bas – cape, 2012
Gispen Willem H. – Nederlandsche Middenstandsbank Interior
Flint Govert – Bionic Chair//The Segregation of Joy, 2014
Eckhardt Rob – Armchair, Groeten uit Holland, 1984
Cubic 3 Design – Nachtschade, 1987
Delvoye Wim – Concrete Mixer, 1993
Cordemeijer A.R. – 1410, 1959
de Bruijn Michou Nanon – Buiten Barth Club, 2016
Cappello Fabien – Torri, 2016
Bosch Reinier – Via Bandeira, 2012
Brajkovic Sebastian – Lathe Table 1400, 2014
Braun Mark – Floor 95, 2012
Bogtmann Louis – Batik wooden clock, 1925
Bolhuis Eefiene – Barley
Unknown (Utrecht), Unknown (Colombo) – Pleated dish, 1676
Unknown – Three salt jars, 1900-1950
Unknown (Netherlands) 2 – Table, 1640-1660
Unknown (North Netherlands) 2 – Wall cabinet door, 1450
Unknown (Northern Netherlands) 3 – Foot pillow, 1850-1900
Unknown 15 – Hunting knife with sheath, 1800-1900
Unknown (Japan) – Jug with lid and mounts, 1650-1681
Unknown (Utrecht) (Silversmith), Unknown (Delft) – Lidded wine jug, 1680-1684
Unknown (Northern Netherlands) 4 – Peat chest, 1860-1880
Unknown (Vlissingen) – Bible with clasps , 1670-1677
Unknown (Northern Netherlands) 5 – Bidet, 1887
Unknown (English) – Set of fire-irons, 1800-1900

The project ‘Design Diorama: The Archive as a Utopic Environment’, on display at the London Design Biennale from the 7th until the 27th of September 2016 in Somerset House, is a three-dimensional blueprint of the personal salon of the Studio’s founders: Rianne Makkink & Jurgen Bey. This contemporary diorama -originally a picture viewing device through which is seen- is a replica of their archive at home. It consists of a space filled with blue foam copies of objects by former studio employees, freelancers and interns as well as products and artefacts from various other designers, artists and architects. Parallel to the physical and temporary diorama installation during the London Design Biennale, a digital and permanent online index is developed. The Dutch contribution to the biennale is commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.


The archive on this website is a digital index, a cloud of people gathered by Studio Makkink&Bey. Each of which tells its own story and represents the ideals and utopias of makers, thinkers and cultural figures that are related to their practice. This web archive is a junction of places, people and skills. It can be filtered by categories such as Topics, Disciplines and Generations as well as by Utopia Typologies, Topics and Words from Thomas More’s publication ‘Utopia’ from 1516. Click here for press images and press release

Curator & Exhibition Design:
Studio Makkink&Bey (Rianne Makkink, Jurgen Bey, Jules van den Langenberg, Marco van Stratum, Chester Chuang, Anastasiia Gerasimova, Joram Raaijmakers, Nine Marije Ligtenberg, Bauke Bruijns, Fier van den Berge, Daan Veerman)

Commissioner & Administering Body:
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Supporting Bodies:
London Design Biennale, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in London, United Kingdom; Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

Graphic Design & Web Design:
Valentijn Goethals, Tomas Lootens & Arthur Haegeman

Thijs Wolzak